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Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Etsy Store

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When you made the decision to sell your handmade products on Etsy, you probably envisioned customers flocking to your site. The product you’ve created is amazing, and you know people should be buying it, but you’re likely disappointed with your sales numbers. Unfortunately, this is the plight of most Etsy sellers. You’re a creator, and you might have no idea how to market your shop. This guide will help you get in front of customers and show them exactly how terrific your product is.

Optimize Your Listings

Before beginning your marketing campaign, you need to ensure that your shop is in good shape. You’ll need to optimize your listings and descriptions to gain eyes from the search engines. Along with the interior search engine of Etsy, Google, Bing and Yahoo are also using Etsy shops in their results.

First, you’ll need to find your optimal keywords. Start to type the name of your product into the search engine at the top of the page inside Etsy. It’ll likely give you keywords that customers have used to search for products. Use those keywords in the first line of your descriptions as well as in your product categories. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can use the term “stacking rings” instead of the word rings. “Sterling silver stacking rings” would be an even better keyword as a search term.

The next step is to have quality photos. Have zoomed in photos that will show the level of detail in the piece, but also, show them in real world situations. If you can get a model to wear the item, that’ll help customers visualize it. The lighting of your product is one of the most important aspects of a good photo. Take the product outside or near a window to get natural sunlight on it. Dark, blurry photos will not convert people into buyers.

In your “About” section, add some details about your personal life. You don’t have to spill all the details about your personal life, but buyers on Etsy like to make a connection with the shop owner. It’s not like buying from a big box retailer. Consumers on Etsy want that personal connection with you when they make a purchase.

Get Social With Customers

Once you have your shop situated, it’s time to head over to social media. Pick one or two platforms where you’re comfortable. While you can have profiles on every platform, you want to stick with the ones that you can fully focus on daily.

For your shop, Pinterest is one of the best platforms for sharing. It’s a visual place where great pictures will get pinned more often. This is one of the reasons that a bright, clear photo is vital.

When you upload a photo from your shop to a Pinterest board on your profile, make sure you’re using hashtags, but also the right descriptions under the pin. Add a watermark with your shop name directly onto the picture in case the link gets lost in the pinning process. You can do this easily from a free program like PicMonkey or Canva.

Sharing on Pinterest means creating boards that will be of interest to others. If you’re purely promotional all the time, people will stop following your boards. There are group boards you can join if you are sharing interesting knowledge in your niche. Pingroupie is a good tool for finding group boards.

You should create a page for your shop. While you can use your personal profile for sharing occasionally, you want to create a page where people can like your pictures and stay informed about new products.

Along with a shop page, you can join Facebook groups dedicated to sharing Etsy links like the Etsy Sales and Promotions group. There are plenty of groups to help with your marketing efforts. Often, these shop owners will share each other’s pins on social media and direct traffic to your shop.

Make sure you’re active on your page. When you share products and information with your followers, Facebook takes notice. They’ll start showing more of your posts to more people.

Get Your Own Dedicated Website

When you have your own website, you can create a deeper connection with your audience. Often, people who shop on Etsy wish they could create the beautiful products that you create. You can give them a glimpse into your world with pictures of your shop, your process or your lifestyle. It might seem like nobody would want to know about you, but that’s not true. Customers will feel a deeper connection when you share a bit about yourself and your work process.

Along with sharing a connection with consumers, a website can be a central hub for the rest of your efforts. It’s a place to control your search engine optimization efforts too. When you use those keywords you figured out during shop creation, you’ll be gaining ranking in the search engines.

Grow Your Online Presence

The whole purpose of creating social media accounts and sharing with your community is to create more of a presence. While search engines are a great way to gain an audience, there are more ways to build a network of people interested in your products.

Comment on Blogs
You should be making yourself known in the community. It might seem like the web is too big for you to leave your footprint, but in your small niche, it’s very possible. Jewelry creators, baby hat knitters or soap makers all have a focus/niche that will lead them to find their target customer. You want to immerse yourself in your perfect niche to find the right audience.

Find the blogs of others in your community and start commenting. No, I’m not saying you should spam comment sections. You don’t even have to link to your store. Make sure you’re being relevant and adding value to the discussion. When you write great comments, others will be curious about you. This gains you exposure. You can participate in blog hops too. They are a list of specific blogs related to one topic.

Start Holding Contests
Another way to get people to your website or shop is through contests. You can give away a percentage off a purchase or a free product for one lucky contest winner. People love contests especially when it doesn’t cost anything to enter. You can require that they share your shop links on their social media accounts for entrance into the contest. One of the easiest (and affordable) ways to do this is by using

Optimizing your shop for keywords, participating in groups on social media and growing your online presence are all vital steps in building a marketing campaign. These are not one-time strategies. You’ll have to work at them every day to gain traction for your shop and see an increase in sales.